The History of EE Untirta

The History of Electrical Engineering UNTIRTA University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa (UNTIRTA) starting from Tirtayasa Education Foundation established on October 1, 1980, based in Serang, Banten. Establishment of this foundation was confirmed by the Notary Act Rosita Wibisono, SH. No. 1 dated October 1, 1980, which was then changed by the Notary Act Mrs. R. Arie Soetardjo, SH. No. 1 dated March 3, 1986.

The intent and purpose of establishment of this foundation are:
  1. Assist the government's efforts in the field of public education.
  2. Establishing schools ranging from kindergarten through higher education, including vocational schools.
  3. Plan and undertake educational facilities, as well as sports facilities.

At first, Tirtayasa Education Foundation Banten overshadowed School of Law (STIH), College of Teacher Training and Education (STKIP) and Higher Colleges of Technology (STT). The establishment of the School of Law (STIH) on October 1, 1981 is an embryo of UNTIRTA formation, so the date is considered the founding dates of UNTIRTA.

UNTIRTA an amalgamation of STIH, STT and STKIP, which is based on the Minister of Education Decree No. 0596/0/1984 dated November 28, 1984 UNTIRTA was upgraded to: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Education. Furthermore, by decision of Education Minister, Decree No. 0597/0/1984 the three Faculties were set with registered (terdaftar) status. Then UNTIRTA evolve with the establishment of the Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Economics in a row with the Minister of Education Decree No. 0123/0/1989 dated March 8, 1989 and No. 0331/0/1989 dated May 30, 1989, each with its registered status. Furthermore, on October 13, 1999 the President of the Republic of Indonesia issued Decree No. 130 on Preparation of Establishment of the State University named Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa. By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 32 dated March 19, 2001, the UNTIRTA converted into State University under the Ministry of National Education.

Currently, UNTIRTA consists of six (6) faculties: Faculty of Law (FH), Faculty of Education (FKIP), Faculty of Engineering (FT), Faculty of Agriculture (FP), Faculty of Economics (FE) and the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP). The number of department is 20 with the number of students as many as 8846 students.

Faculty of Engineering is one of the faculties that are included as the forerunner to the establishment of UNTIRTA. The birth of the Faculty of Engineering originated from the idea of the board of directors and the management of PT. Krakatau Steel (Ir. Djoko Subagyo and Team). Faculty of Engineering was born as an expression of the ideals of society, scholars, intellectuals and leaders throughout the region of Banten and with the support PT. Krakatau Steel and petrochemical industries in Cilegon industrial area.

The etablishment of the Faculty of Engineering begins with the establishment of the Higher Colleges of Technology (STT) which was established by PT. Krakatau Steel in 1982 with operating licenses for the Bachelor degree (non-degree) from Kopertis Region IV, West Java Number: 040/1982. Then in 1984 by the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 0596/O /1984, the College of Technology merged into the University of Tirtayasa Banten.

Faculty of Engineering consists of six departments for bachelor (S1), namely Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering. All department have obtained accreditation from the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT). Furthermore, the Department of Electrical Engineering acquires the status recognized (diakui) by Ministry of Education Decree No. 247 / DIKTI / Kep / 1998.

The Department of Electrical Engineering has one study program known as Electrical Engineering. This study program has accredited in B level by BAN PT at 2006 based on BAN PT Decree No. 025/BAN-PT/Ak-IX/S1/I/2006 dated Januari 12, 2006. In the reacreditation, this study program get lower level (C) based on BAN-PT Decree No. 010/BAN-PT/Ak-XIV/S1/VII/2011 dated July 8, 2011. The B level accreditation was comeback on 2016 based on BAN PT Decree No. 1826/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/IX/2016 dated September 2, 2016. This last status will be ended by September 2, 2021.

Since the establishment of the Department of Electrical engineering, there are seven department head as follows:
  1. Ir. Achmad Djuhana
  2. Ir. Wisnu Kuncoro
  3. Ir. Tri Djoko Lelono, M.Sc.
  4. Ir. Wahyuni Martiningsih, MT.
  5. Ir. Ri Munarto, M.Eng.
  6. Suhendar, S.Pd., MT.
  7. Dr. Ir. Supriyanto, M.Sc., IPM.