Facilities and Infrastructures of EE Untirta


  • Libraries (textbooks, scientific papers and journals; including in the form of CD-ROMs and other media).
  • Sources of libraries in other institutions (institutions libraries / sources on the Internet along with the website address) which is accessed / used by Lecturers and students of this study program.
  • The main equipments used in laboratories (practical room, workshop, studio, simulation room, hospitals, health center, green house, land for agriculture, etc.) that is used in the learning process.


Laboratories In A Nutshell

Department of Electrical Engineering has five laboratories based on the five major on electrical department that is located in five different rooms. In total, there are 20 laboratory work corespoding to fundamental as well as majoring lectures. Apart of laboratory works, these lab. are also used to fasilitate students on conducting final project, internship as well as training for both academic and non academic. We also involved on various exhibition both internal and external campus. Several products of these Lab. that usually exhibited are renewable energy equipments, robot, tecontrol and telecommunication.

Department of Electrical Engineering has five laboratories as follows:
1. Computer and Programming Laboratory
2. Electrical Power System Laboratory
3. Control and Telemetri Laboratory
4. Telecommunication Laboratory
5. Instrumentation Laboratory