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Student of Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering (FT) University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa (UNTIRTA) entering the final of Tech Innovation Competition Contest in Pandeglang, Banten.

Kegiatan Lomba Inovasi Teknologi Banten 2018-1

This final activity was organized by the Development Planning Agency at Sub-National Level (Bappeda) of Banten Province, supported by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemeristekdikti) and Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), lasted for two days from 25 to 26 July 2018, followed by SMA/SMK/MA students, universities and the general public that exist in Banten province that has passed the selection in the previous contest. According to Akhmad Rohili, M.Si as Head of Research and Development Division of Bappeda Banten, this innovative work creation competition is a routine activity every year, he observes the Banten people's interest in following this contest is very high, from 50 teams that are selected again to become 10 teams and later selected only to be 3 winning teams, according to the purpose of this event to capture the creators of innovative technology in the province of Banten, whose works will be useful for Banten and the community, at the end he said that he hopes this activity will be better in the future, more participants and more innovative works.

Kegiatan Lomba Inovasi Teknologi Banten 2018-2

The final implementation of the contest on the first day, UNTIRTA team who is a student of Electrical Engineering Department, Ade Irmawan and Fathur Syah A, exhibited and presented his work in the form of a prototype of electric storage for charging booth.

Kegiatan Lomba Inovasi Teknologi Banten 2018-3

On the second day, UNTIRTA team presented prototype of Air Pressure Sensor on Balloon Load by Abdullah Azhari, Citra Nurizati, M Fiqri Al-Fathon and Togy Simarmata (Student of Electrical Engineering Department), prototype of Fuel Loss with Load Cell by M. Satrio Wibisono, Surya Silalahi, Atis Arias, Dwi Wahyudi (Student of Electrical Engineering Department), prototype of Design and Calibration of Automatic Blood Pressure Measurement (Digital Tensimeter) based on Arduino Uno's microcontroller, Achmad Hadianto, Rina Tri Handayani (Student of Electrical Engineering Department), prototype Design of Automatic Plant Watering based Solar Power by Yolanita Fani, Abdul Ghofur Syamdatu, Dian Nur Anwar (Prodi PTM FKIP).

Kegiatan Lomba Inovasi Teknologi Banten 2018-4

Dr. Supriyanto as Head of Department of Electrical Engineering Faculty of Engineering Untirta who is now also elected as Head of Fortei Regional 3 convey a sense of pride with the achievements of students who have successfully reached the final of Technological Innovation Competition in Banten province level, he explained slogan of the Department of Electrical Engineering that is Berkarya Sejahtera (Prosperous Work), the slogan aims to spur the spirit of the civitas which has been proven not only on the lecturers but also on the students, at the end he said he is committed to accelerate the realization of the vision of Electrical Engineering that excels in 2020 by always facilitating the civitas of Electrical Engineering to work in research and in other positive activities. (Herdiansyah W-Humas)

Head of Department's Forewords