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Pandeglang, 26-27 October 2018. The continued development of the technology which includes the world of electricity, also requires every human being to always need and use electricity. This also proves that electricity is a basic human need that must be fulfilled. Viewed from this perspective, we should be aware of the importance of electricity in our lives. The importance of electricity in life at this time makes us have to understand more about the electricity. In terms of developing thoughts about the importance of electricity in today's life. So from that the importance of public awareness to know about electricity itself, both in terms of theoretical and practical application.

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On October 27 it was a National Electricity Day, for which we from the Electrical Engineering Association (Himpunan Mahasiswa Elektro or HME) of the Faculty of Engineering, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University, realized a work program in the field of service to the community and nation by making the “HME Goes to School” program and “Electricity Education” organized by the annual agenda "PERINGATAN HARI LISTRIK NASIONAL" is held on the 26 - 27 October 2018 which invites intellectuals, including: school students, the general public, students and all elements of the community to provide support and be able to participate in the whole series of events that we will carry out. So that we can all together maintain a better future for our children and grandchildren. In order to commemorate the 71st National Electricity Day, HME UNTIRTA organized several items of activities. these activities include:

1. HME Goes to School

HME Goes to School's Atmoshphere

In commemorating the 71st National Electricity Day, HME UNTIRTA held HME GOES TO SCHOOL activities at the Mathla'ul Huda Islamic Boarding School in Dalembala Village, Pandeglang, which was held on October 26th, 2018 which is a form of UNTIRTA Electrical Engineering Student’s service to the community. They gave an explanation, first, about Sultan Ageng University’s Engineering, like how many faculties in UNTIRTA, how many stages can you get into UNTIRTA. The Faculty of Engineering itself is also explained and there are many Departments in the Faculty of Engineering itself, and about Electrical Engineering itself. The difference between “Mahasiswa” and “Siswa” is also explained, in which students must also be able to understand the intent of the “Mahasiswa” itself and also how the lecture itself. According to the students and local residents there, they felt very helped by the existence of “HME Go To School” so that they could understand more about lectures and what kind of UNTIRTA they were, they also hoped this activity could be sustainable in the future.

2. Counseling about Electricity

Counseling of Electricity's Atmosphere

In commemorating the 71st national electric day HME UNTIRTA held an activity also held counseling on electricity. Counseling about electricity was also held at the Mathla'ul Huda Islamic Boarding School in Dalembala Village, Pandeglang, which was held on October 27, 2018, which is a form of UNTIRTA electro student service to the community. This electricity counseling was filled by the lecturer in Electrical Engineering himself, Dr. Romi Wiryadinata, ST., M.Eng. Counseling about electricity is about electricity installation itself, so here it is explained about the components in electrical installations, about the constraints that exist in electrical installations, and how we can make electricity friends and enemies. According to the students and residents of the community there, he felt very helped by the existence of HME GO TO SCHOOL so that he could understand more about lectures and UNTIRTA as expected that this activity could be sustainable in the future.

JTE's Meeting

The Meeting of JTE UNTIRTA was held on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at FT Untirta Hall

Serang, (6/10/2018) Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University held a tasyakuran night and awarding on Saturday night at the Auditorium Building for Tasyakuran and awarding at the end of the 37th UNTIRTA Anniversary series, as well as giving awards to outstanding lecturers. , to outstanding educational staff, to the outstanding heads of departments and faculties and to give prizes to the winners of the competitions that were followed at the Anniversary event, door prize prizes were also distributed to the families of UNTIRTA academics who were present at the evening of the celebration. The event was attended by the Chancellor of UNTIRTA Prof. Dr. H. Sholeh Hidayat, M.Pd, the Vice Chancellors, Chairmen of Institutions, Deans, Lecturers, Kabags and Sub-Heads of Subdivisions, Education Personnel, and all Academics, students of UNTIRTA.

Group Photo of Head of Department

Chief Executive of the UNTIRTA Anniversary Dr. H. Suherna, M.Sc in his speech said that tonight is a happy night for the blessings of Allah. We can stay in touch during the UNTIRTA Award ceremony night, the UNTIRTA award for the Academic community is a blessing and happiness for all of us so that this evening will hopefully run smoothly.However, conveying with the theme 37 years UNTIRTA building a nation's civilization means that UNTIRTA is an adult. With this maturity, hopefully the work of the academics of UNTIRTA is increasingly prosperous and more well-known in accordance with its vision and mission. He also said that a series of Anniversary is less pleasing with all of its shortcomings, which will later become an evaluation for the future. At the end of his speech he expressed his gratitude to all the organizers and the entire Academic community and the sponshorship who always accompanied the completion of the series of Anniversary activities.

Rector Speech

Chancellor of UNTIRTA Prof. Dr. H. Sholeh Hidayat, M.Pd in ​​his speech conveyed his achievements on the 1st trip in 2018, "I must express my gratitude to the leaders of the University, faculties, institutions, UPT, the study programs that we have worked together including the part of the team to maintain cleanliness". He invites all to continue to work in accordance with our program every year, because the results achieved start from colleagues in the study program which is shown by increasing accreditation, research, student affairs. He said that the Anniversary is a reflection in giving appreciation to our employees who excel for their performance. We give awards to be more able to work again. Then at the end of the event the distribution of awards, prizes and door prizes was witnessed by the leadership elements and all academicians who received prizes were immediately given to the winners of the competition, Door Prize winners were handed over by the leaders until the event ended.


One of JTE's pride in this event was the election of Mr. Dr. Ir. Supriyanto, M.Sc. as the Most Outstanding Head of Department in UNTIRTA 2018. It became its own spirit to JTE citizens to continue working, and the spirit is also to realize the vision of JTE Excellence in 2020.

Head of Department's Forewords